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Personal Injury Attorney Sarasota -  William C. Riethmiller is your man!

We often do not think of the services provided by a lawyer until we are in need of one. Whether you are involved in an auto accident, fallen onto the floor in a department store, get bit by the neighbor’s crazy dog or any type of accident where you are injured and in need of just compensation, then you need the services of the best personal injury attorney in the region before you sign anything with the responsible party or their representatives. 

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For many, understanding the scope of personal injury can be somewhat difficult. After all, we are aware of famous cases such as the lady who spilled hot coffee on her lap or the fellow who slipped and fell onto a wet floor in a department store and got millions of dollars in damages. Most people however do not win the lottery when they get injured, in fact, many of them do not get the just compensation that they deserve.

But all too often personal injury cases go beyond obvious causes and we are left with medical bills to pay, lost wages from missing work and an overall downturn in the enjoyment of our lives due to someone else’s fault. Essentially, if you were injured or became ill due to the actions of others, then you are entitled to complete restitution for your injury which includes wages lost past, present and future, especially if the injury is either permanent or long term which requires additional medical care once you leave the hospital.

Even if you had just graduated from college and have yet to find work, you can be compensated for the position you were delayed or didn’t get because of the injury. Plus, this includes any property damage as well, such as an auto accident or incident involving damage to your property. An injury that requires medical treatment last longer than the pain, it alters the course of your life and having just compensation is required under law.

Plus, you can be granted due compensation for an emotional aspects of your injury, starting with the embarrassment of how you are viewed in the public to the inconvenience of the pain that the injury has inflicted upon your life. Greater damage such as that to your mental capacity, disability and overall loss of the enjoyment of life can be compensated when you receive proper representation. An injury affects more than your body, it affects the way you live.

One of the most insidious types of personal injury are those that happen in nursing homes where residents are abused or neglected which range from misunderstandings to wrongful death. In Florida alone there have been settlements ranging from $300,000 for a basic negligence case in St. Lucie to $450,000 in Palm Beach County when the wrong medications were used and they accelerated the death of a resident to three quarters of a million dollars when a fetus was killed due to nursing negligence in a medical facility.

While nursing home abuse and neglect are the exception and rare, the number of residents has been growing sharply over the past two decades and will only accelerate over the next several years as the Baby Boomer generation reaches retirement. We can expect that there will be even more cases of personal injury in nursing and assisted living homes which means that the victims and their relatives need the services of a personal injury attorney to insure that their rights are fully protected and their injuries fully compensated under the law.

Such action is not only to insure the protection of the victim, but also to help prevent future cases from happening again. With just compensation for those who have undergone simple neglect at a nursing home can alter the practices and provide better care for the other residents who otherwise might suffer from neglect or abuse as well. Here, the services of a personal injury attorney create an atmosphere of calm where worry and stress were once present in those who didn’t know what action to take.

Wrongful death cases are generally the most rare in nursing homes, but they are also the most damaging possible as there is no replacement for the loss of a loved one. Given the sheer number of nursing homes in Florida, you have no doubt heard over the news on a regular basis the wrongful death of a person living in a nursing home. While just compensation for family members generally range from just under a half a million to over $800,000, it can vary depending on the circumstances, settlement or award in each particular case.

When you are facing a nursing home charged with the wrongful death of your loved one, you need the services of a personal injury attorney who has years of experience in dealing with situations just like the one you are facing. In these cases, a personal injury attorney will advise you of all of your rights, inform you of all the possible outcomes and let you know what is happening and what the outlook can be for your lawsuit.

Another situation where a personal injury attorney can be very helpful is in terms of product liability. If you have consumed or used a product that caused you harm, the services of an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer is paramount in dealing with the company that is responsible. The moment you can take action should start with calling a personal injury attorney to immediately represent your interests. The business at fault as well as their insurance company will no doubt try to minimize their financial loss as much as possible. To protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve, having a personal injury attorney by your side is a must.

Hiring a personal injury attorney means having the experience, knowledge and drive to insure that you are fully compensated for your injuries. After all, if you want the best chance to get just compensation for the injuries that you have suffered, then it requires having the best attorney by your side. Standing up for your rights, exploring all avenues and insuring that you have the best chance for getting all the compensation you can imagine and then some that you may not realize at the time.






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